Trump’s New “Office of Transparency” May Finally Put the Guilty in Prison

The Uranium One deal wasn’t ever about a sale of one-fifth of America’s uranium stock, but more about a direct payment into the Clinton coffers and a circuitous way for the Obama Administration to fund (through Russian intermediaries) the construction of nuclear reactors in Iran!

Truth and Action exclusively showed this link two years ago with this article: REPORT: How the Clinton Foundation Smuggled Uranium into Iran.

A series of articles regarding Uranium One were published as we followed the story’s twisting drama unfolding. As proof was brought forward tying Obama, Clinton and Holder, Mueller as well was implicated in the dirty dealings HERE and HERE. And how the US Intel community doubled down by lying in order to protect the deal HERE. When an informant was finally brought forward to testify against them, he was outed HERE. And finally, a last-ditch effort to gag the informant by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions HERE.

The Hill:

A second body of documents crying out for declassification is Obama’s private correspondence with Iranian leaders — in particular, the Oct. 7, 2014, cable he penned to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, setting the terms for the controversial Washington-Tehran nuclear deal reached in early 2016.

My sources tell me that letter conflicts with what the Obama administration was telling the American public as it tried to sell the deal politically, and it shows a level of courtship, concession and trust with Tehran that exceeded the U.S. intelligence assessments at the time.

For example, my sources tell me that Obama promised Iran it could have a “domestic enrichment capacity” and that Tehran could be restored to a nation “in good standing” under the world’s nuclear non-proliferation treaty, even though U.S. intelligence had corroborated an extensive weapons program that violated that treaty for years.

The 2014 letter was preceded by at least three other private communications between Obama and officials in Tehran, including two in 2009 and one in 2012. All need to be declassified and released for Americans to better understand the merits of Obama’s approach with Iran.

The Iran Nuclear deal, as mentioned above, may have been directly related to the Uranium One deal, a financial windfall for the Clintons. In fact, few even remember President Obama’s little thumb-jab in the eye of the United States as he exited office in 2017: Obama’s Parting Gift to Iran: $500M Atlantic Fleet.

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