Report: Hillary Asked Mueller to ‘Hand-deliver’ Uranium During Secret ‘Plane-side Tarmac Meeting’

The Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, has had a very interesting career.  As a Harvard Law School graduate, he was a contemporary of Harvey Silverglate, another attorney of some renown who has recently come out and accused Mueller of attempting to entrap him with a fake witness and fake drugs.

Later in his career, Mueller's FBI agents were accused of wrongdoing and collusion with military investigators in the conviction of Jeffrey D. MacDonald, a man accused of killing both his wife and his two children on post.  When MacDonald had amassed evidence that he was framed, he hired Silverglate and when the attorney arrived at a meeting with the government agents, Mueller was also present and began the meeting by admitting outright that no amount of evidence was going to gain a second look for the convicted man!

The many strange and unethical behaviors by Mueller aside, it has become more and more apparent with every passing day that this man has a personal vendetta against the president and is set on doing anything he can to help his own friend, James Comey.  Additionally, he appears to be ready to find anything to pin on the president or his staff.

A new WikiLeaks addition has hit the ether, and it appears that Mueller was specially handpicked by Hillary Clinton as the one person she trusted above all others to personally deliver the samples of enriched uranium to the Russians in a clandestine meeting that took place on a tarmac, of all places!  Worse still, many fear that his job now as special counsel might also encompass the “cleaner” of Clinton scandals…in other words, making evidence of Clinton and Obama collusion with the Russians conveniently disappear without a trace!

Read the next page to delve into the many questionable activities Robert Mueller has been involved in and why he is specifically not under investigation by the Department of Justice!

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