BREAKING PROOF: Obama, Hillary & Holder All Colluded With Russia

The noose continues to tighten on both the Obama administration, the government’s intelligence community and the Clintons.  With the increasing amount of attention being paid to what is NOT being found in evidence to support the case against the Trump campaign and its supposed collusion, rather, there is an increasing number of documents to support the collusion of both the Clintons and the Obama administration with the Russian nuclear arm of their government.

Many of the best and juiciest pieces of evidence that have been surfacing lately are ones that have been languishing at the Department of Justice (DOJ) for literally years.  Then-Attorney General Eric Holder was in charge of the DOJ and seemingly acted specifically in an effort to ensure that, a) information regarding the investigation into the Russian link to both the Clinton Family Crime Foundation and the Obama administration’s push to okay the sale of American uranium was buried, b) that the sale of the Uranium would go through despite the investigation into Russian and American company officials’ wrongdoing, and c) that when the information did surface, that DOJ officials would only release the results of the indictments right before Labor Day weekend and only in a limited-space press release, thereby keeping concerned Congressional members completely in the dark.

Read more about this explosive story on the next page and find out why The Hill (a normally Leftist rag) has specifically called out both Obama and the Clintons in its expose about Russian collusion by Democrats!




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