Liberals Celebrate Trump Suicide Picture

Daniel J. Weinberg, a middle aged dude who plays on Facebook, posted and image of Donald Trump blowing his brains out.

After he was taken to task, he removed the image like a naughty boy covers up a mess he made.

From Bearing Arms:

The Violent May 5th post by Daniel J Weinberg was open to public view for 19 days, and though Weinberg is the son of a powerful New Jersey Democrat, no one in the media seemed to notice… or at least they, didn’t seem to care.

Shortly after Marcus Max commented on the post, noting that Weinberg was advocating for gun violence against those with whom he disagrees politically, an embarrassed Weinberg apparently made his Facebook profile private and/or deleted the violent image advocating that Republican front-runner Trump commit suicide.

The son of Senator Weinberg was confronted by Marcus Max and after he sheepishly removed or hid the image, he came back a few days later and re-posted it while declaring triumphantly:
“Im(sic) reposting this because it makes the gun nut freaks even nutier(sic)

The image can be seen there or at the source link but I am not posting it here and ambushing the readers with such tripe.

The son of Senator Loretta Weinberg is showcasing the violent end leftists dream of for their better all-American neighbors.

New York Times scribbler Ross Douthat alluded to this as well, later insisting he was “joking.”

A YouTube clown threatened the Trump family.

Some liberals developed a browser based game in which you drop tree stumps on Donald Trump until he explodes into bloody chunks.

Perhaps the next time Senator Weinberg is lecturing the rest of us on promoting gun “violence”, she can explain why her followers are advocating that very thing.




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