How the Empire of Globalist Powers Might Strike Back

The election of the Donald Trump as president has created a national and global political earthquake. Although he has been successful in calming the waters, as evidenced by the recent meeting he had with his left-wing Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras, who had once called him “evil”. After the meeting Tsipras toned down that rhetoric in favor of much more affable language:

“We have common values,” Tsipras said through a translator during a Rose Garden news conference. “Don't forget that the value of democracy and freedom was born in Greece. It's one of the values that traverses American culture and American tradition. The President now continues that tradition.”
“I think our collaboration will be very substantial,” he said. “And I'm very optimistic after the meeting we had today.”

If people around the world thought that Brexit was earthshaking, the election of Mr. Trump made that pale in comparison.  Expect the world order to change.  That's a hope, but also a danger as hostile actors both domestic and foreign are not going to fold their hands and watch Trump derail the plans they've had in place for decades.  Not by a long shot.

So while Hillary's Junta-in-Waiting got squashed by the Trump Train, and while in a just world she'll wind up in the clink for her myriad of crimes, the next battles are already on the horizon.

Dangers to Mr. Trump and His Administration

It was so refreshing to hear Mr. Trump praise the Secret Service after hearing of Hillary treating them like low-life scum.  All presidents are in danger from isolated nutcases as well as organized groups who would like to bring their presidency to a quick end.  Mr. Trump is no exception and threats have already been made public.  Who knows how serious these are?

Yet as outstanding as the Secret Service's work is, their agents are not responsible for stopping large-scale terrorist attacks, the sort that some hostile group, foreign or domestic, could stage to take out Trump and much of his administration all at once.  Stopping these becomes the responsibility of agencies such as the Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) and probably others that we don't even know about.

If the global elite simply took out Trump, they would not have accomplished taking out his cabinet, which will undoubtedly be filled with patriots that are highly energized by the revolution guided by Donald Trump. Most likely they will attempt to completely devastate our government, allowing them to take control with the United Nations. Obama recently commented that all nations must surrender control to the UN and has been working with the UN to create a global police force.

Thinking the Unthinkable – a False Flag Attack

Can these agencies be depended on to do their jobs competently, thoroughly, and free from corruption by any rouge elements within the federal government whose purpose would be to take down this administration?  False flags are a reality in this world.  Again, the fervent hope is that none of these agencies charged with stopping terrorist or other mass attacks are compromised in the performance of their responsibilities.



1.  A False Flag Blamed on a Hostile Nation, such as North Korea

North Korea has been able to pursue its nuclear program, largely without fear of molestation by the weak and ineffective Obama administration.  So far, North Korea's missile delivery system for nukes seems just as likely to bring the weapon right back down on top of them as it is to deliver the thing to the desired target.  But this wouldn't apply to a weapon delivered via boat and detonated near Washington, DC, thereby wiping out most of the government including the president.

Keep in mind that “false flag” operations have been used in the past and remain a threat.  Could domestic terrorists or rogue elements within our government commit such a heinous crime and blame it on the North Koreans?  You betcha.

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