How the Empire of Globalist Powers Might Strike Back

The word “historic” is so overused that it has lost some of its impact.  But the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was historic in the strongest sense of the word.  “Unprecedented” would be another appropriately descriptive word.

The election of the Trump-Pense ticket coupled with the Republicans retaining control of both houses of Congress is certain to shake things up in Washington and around the world.  Business as usual is over as The Donald starts to make his mark on history.

All of that good news said, opponents remain, and while they have lost control of the top positions of power in the US government, they have not been neutered and cannot be expected to roll over and play dead.  For example, billionaire George Soros and the army of left-wing, globalists organizations that he funds will not simply go away. Far from it. Soros  funded the violent anti-Trump riots that swept the nation through MoveOn.

So while it's been fun to rejoice over the results of this election, very real dangers remain.  Threats on Trump's life have been made, and hostile actors in other parts of the world would love to devastate our country.  Let's take a look at some of these threats on page two.

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