How the Empire of Globalist Powers Might Strike Back

isis chemical weapons

2.  What about ISIS?

On the one hand, ISIS continues to encourage individual operatives to commit acts of terror, and one video even called for a hit on Washington D.C.  Yes, our President has made great strides in eliminating the terrorist organization, but Obama left our borders open for years. One cannot eliminate the possibility of domestic insurgents, acting in concert, attempting to take out Trump and his close associates while blaming it on ISIS.  A false flag, possibly sponsored by government elements having gone rouge, would find ISIS a very convenient group on which to lay the blame.

Most terror attacks that have been foiled on American soil were created by the FBI. This was exposed by Fox News commentator Judge Napolitano. With an untold number of jihadists on our soil, the stage is set for a real, or staged event.

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