Obama: All Nations Must Submit to World Government

Obama: All Nations Must Submit to World Government

Nobody's freedom is safe right now – the United Nations General Assembly is in session.  And it wouldn't be a success without a rousing pro-globalism, anti-American speech by an American president.  Mr. Obama fits that bill perfectly.

What were some of the main points of Mr. Obama's farewell speech to the UN?

Well, for starters, we must give up some freedoms to achieve security.  (Can't he be a bit more original than that?  What a let-down.)

To give him some credit for originality, he has expanded the concept of trading freedom for security from the individual level to that of nations.  In other words, nations must surrender some of their autonomy to world bodies if a measure of security is to be achieved.

Of course, this is precisely the kind of talk we've come to expect from Obama and his ideological soul-mates.  No doubt Hillary is chomping at the bit to take over where Barack has left off.

What else has he in mind for us?

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