Antifa Members Beaten Down for Burning Flags at Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom March’

Antifa Members Beaten Down for Burning Flags at Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom March’

Does flag burning make your blood boil? Then you’re not going to be able to read this one today without feeling the heat. Video footage is available on the next page of both the flag burning and the resulting violent fight that erupted between Patriots and masked Antifa members. But 1st we need to grab the necessary context for understanding Antifa and the violent intentions lurking behind the Anti-Trump movement.

Remember Obama’s friend Bill Ayers? The domestic terrorist leading Antifa. It’s as bad as you’d suspect. The anti-Trump movement is moving beyond fake news and petty insults. We are entering a war. The war for America’s future and all democracy.

Antifa chapters have been training in urban guerilla warfare using the tactics of famed South American Communist Carlos Marighella. You can view the actual training materials being given Antifa members here.

You can’t underestimate the power of this young group being trained to become the ISIS of the American heartlands. A war is coming.

Look at the facts. Stop believing all the fake news. Fox News is part of the establishment too. Research it. Prove us wrong. But, don’t spout opinions without facts. Just because you’re a conservative doesn't mean you’re not being fed a solid diet of fake news that matches your own personal political persuasions. Soros has a deep pocketbook. That same pocketbook connected to Fox News is also connected to Obama, Hillary, and Antifa. #facts #newworldorder It’s coming. You need to be studying these guys and forming your plan of action. Learn more about the latest showdown between Patriots and Antifa supporters at the Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom March’ on the next page

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