Antifa Members Beaten Down for Burning Flags at Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom March’

A group of anarchists from the domestic terror group Antifa attacked the Patriot Prayer ‘Freedom March’ yesterday to attack Trump supporters.

KATU News captured footage of the march and the violent brawls:

One man was left bloodied on the ground. But for what? So, Antifa could feel like they're doing something to help facilitate a socialist state? That is their goal. But what will be the cost? The cost they pay for attempting to fight armed patriots with knives as they've been doing in Oregon.

You know things have fallen to new lows when the group of people chanting U.S.A are attacked by masked alt-left anarchists chanting “Nazi's go home”. At an event honoring Patriots and prayer no less!

There is a reason New Jersey has labeled Antifa a domestic terror group.

You can't watch them trying to burn a flag in front of Patriots and come away with any other perspective…

Now you get why we say a war is coming. Almost half the country, the liberal sheep, sympathizes with these flag burning, Patriot attacking domestic terrorists.

Source: Gateway Pundit




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