Antifa’s Urban Guerilla Warfare Training Materials Discovered

A division of Antifa, the Redneck Revolts, is training on guerrilla warfare to prepare for the “revolution”. Redneck Revolts seeks to end “capitalism” and the rise of “fascism” in the U.S.

To facilitate these goals, the group offers a variety of resources, including a training manual for conducting guerrilla warfare with sections for “executions” and “terrorism.” In the wake of the targeted shooting of Republican members of Congress earlier this year, nothing is more concerning than extremist organizations calling for armed revolts against civil society.

Redneck Revolt is just on the many Antifa sects to form following President Trump’s crushing victory in the 2016 elections. Just this one sect, Redneck Revolts has over 30 chapters across 20 different states. There fight declarations cite “militant resistance” as one of their core guiding principles. Resources listed on the group’s official website proudly herald Marxist ideology and wave the banner of the liberal agenda.

Much of the group’s official website includes rhetoric pulled straight out of Marxist publications, echoing various talking points often spouted by leftists about the evils of capitalism, property ownership, “artificial borders,” and basic systems of social order, including police, prisons, and courts. Redneck Revolt refers to these public institutions as “systems of social control [that] only exist to serve the rich,” and calls for the end of the “nation-state project.” It lists the US Armed Forces alongside the Ku Klux Klan as having “undermined the struggle for freedom among all people.”

This has led states such as New Jersey to officially add Antifa and their subdivisions to their list of extremist anarchist and domestic terror groups.

Antifa and other such groups have repeatedly been linked to Soros connected organizations. With one chapter in LA even going as far as to publicly call Soros out by name for failing to pay up in a timely manner as promised. These groups are typically viewed with sympathy by the left as well meaning defenders of liberalism and humanity.

Here is the 36-page “Mini-Manual of the Urban Guerrilla,” provided right on their site advising members on how to fight for the impending “revolution”. The manual not only glorifies urban guerrilla warfare but also includes sections on “sabotage,” “kidnapping,” “executions,” AND “terrorism.”

Here is the guide,

And by the way, Carlos Marighella is no run of the mill Marxist flunky turning out this guide. Look him up. It is significant that they're turning to his teaching or ideologies as they prepare for this revolution.

T&A Redneck Revolts Gurella Warfare Manual

Redneck Revolts 2Redneck 3

Here is the link to the Redneck Revolts “printable resources” section of their site.

Source: The Daily Caller



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