Professor Bill Ayers Tied to Brand New Domestic Terrorist Group

Following the scattering of all the members underground, they continued their nefarious activities in secret, plotting violence and aggression in opposition of everything they considered authoritarian.

In response, 13 members of the group were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism against the United States.  A New York bank was then bombed in retaliation for the indictment.

Leary escaped from prison and issued a statement in a communique from hiding, and in 1977, Mark Rudd and Kathy Wilkerson emerged from hiding and turned themselves into police, receiving probation and three years in prison respectively.  Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers waited until 1980 to turn themselves in and were tapped on the wrist for their involvement in this horrific rampage by the Weather Underground.

Kathy Boudin resurfaced a year later and participated in an armed robbery in Nanuet, New York, which resulted in the shooting deaths of three men. Boudin was caught and sentenced to 22 years in prison.  She was released in 2003.

As can be seen, these people are not a voice for freedom, nor are they interested in expressing opinions through normal academic means.  They are more interested in shutting down opposition opinion to their Leftist positions and will even go so far as to murder those who stand in the way of their mission to rob others and bomb centers of authority and law enforcement.

Bill Ayers is now participating in a new endeavor, one which directly involves the American people and will attempt to shut down all opinion that is contrary to the violent Progressive agenda.  This newest black mark on his resume will startle even his Liberal professor friends.

Read on to find out about his insidious new mission.




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