WW3: Putin’s Clandestine Fleet of Super Submarines

WW3: Putin’s Clandestine Fleet of Super Submarines

At what point does America's fear of Russia become irrational? The media tends to treat Russia and their president Vladimir Putin in the same manner as North Korea, with just enough conspiracy to keep you reading.

This time around, a report by the British magazine “The Sun” claims that naval experts are warning us that Russia has an army of subs capable of launching missile strikes across the globe. As mentioned above, sounds a bit like those missiles that North Korea had in their possession that could reach the East Coast of America.

According to the report, the stealthy underwater subs are currently out patrolling the world and have already breached UK waters and approached the Royal Navy's base in Faslane, Scotland. If this is true, Russia has stepped up their game quite a bit and “experts” are afraid that NATO no longer has the ability to stop them.

This actually matches up with other reports that Russia was working on a stealth missile and their ability to use an ICBM attack on America to take down missile defenses.

Read what the author of the report for the Center for Strategic and International Studies had to say about it.

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