Watch: Vegas Shooting Body Camera Footage Released, No Broken Windows Reported

Las Vegas police recently released nearly three hours of body camera footage that shows officers going through the room where Oct. 1 gunman Stephen Paddock was staying at Mandalay Bay.

The newly released videos reveal officers’ activity on the night of the shooting that killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more. The footage first shows a group of officers preparing to enter Stephen Paddock's room on the 32nd floor, when one officer shouts “Breach, breach, breach,” as a loud explosion can be heard.

It goes without saying that the shooting has been steeped in controversy as many inconsistencies and anomalies have led many to believe that the shooting was a false flag event. Things such as witnesses claiming that there were multiple gunmen, Paddock's former neighbor revealing it was all a ‘set up', and even people running through the crowd declaring people were about to die before the shooting even started represent just some of the oddities of the event.

Now, with newly released footage, we can see that police that first entered the room reported that there were no broken windows. Turn the page for more:




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