10 Things the MSM is not Telling You About the Las Vegas Shooting

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The deadly shooting in Las Vegas has re-opened the subject of gun control, instead of mourning the loss of life. Many questions still remain regarding this tragedy. You see Paddock had a huge gun arsenal. But, it was not necessarily a legal collection. This brings up a whole new side to the debate on gun control.

First, we’ve got to point out that Paddock’s neighbors don’t recall him as being a gun fanatic. Just a nice guy who enjoyed a pint of beer down at the local bar.

5)  Stephen Paddock’s Former Neighbor Claims It Was A “Set-Up

Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas shooter, has an unlikely ally. A caller to the Michael Savage radio show claims to be Paddock’s former neighbor. The man identified himself as Rick and asserts that his training as a former marine and his friendship with Paddock suggest a far different story than what is being reported by the mainstream media.

“I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy, but it don’t sit right,” said Rick, before making the extraordinary claim that the whole shooting was a “set up” and that Paddock’s body may have been left in the hotel room while other assailants carried out the shooting.

Paddock’s former neighbor does make a good point. How did an out-of-shape 64-year-old man OBTAIN and (literally) CARRY so many weapons?

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