Study: California Has Worst Quality of Life in US

The left gets elected by convincing enough people that they are victims and that only the Democrats are virtuous enough to right those wrongs for them. So, nobody is at fault for their misfortunes. The left has a whole list of alleged villains who can be trotted out as appropriate to generate support from the voters they've duped with this nonsense.

The tragedy is that it works. One need look no further than politicians such as Pelosi, Waters, Clinton, and Obama to see how such Marxist ideology can be used to get elected. Well, fortunately, it's not a foolproof strategy as demonstrated by the stunning and magnificent defeat of Hillary in 2016.

But back to California. It is winning a race to get to the bottom of the list when it comes to desirable states in which to live. Those who understand the devastating impact of socialism are not surprised. There are several states that are in this race, any one of which could have maximized the impact of their Marxist policies and won this ignominious title. It just so happened that California was first to the bottom.

Greg Gutfeld is an outstanding conservative journalist employed by Fox News. His commentary is well-reasoned and devastating to leftist ideologies and those politicians who embrace them. Hence, getting to hear him comment on what has been determined to be the worst state in the US is a real treat.

California should have this title wrapped up for quite some time. After all, you don't elect Jerry Brown as governor if you are interested in building a robust and growing private economy. You elect him to do just the opposite: Tax and regulate the daylights out of private industry and turn the spoils over to welfare recipients and illegal immigrants. After all, an unemployed individual drawing government benefits are far more likely to vote liberal than one who is self-supporting.

The problem Brown and his team of Marxists do not get is that capital will move to jurisdictions where it is treated the best. So wealth is exiting California. This will always happen unless it is seized by a hostile regime that has the power to force it to remain where it is while bludgeoned into compliance. Brown does not have that power, thankfully.

But that doesn't work for long either. Robert Mugabe destroyed his own country of Zimbabwe. Hugo Chavez turned Venezuela into a hell-hole. These tyrants impoverished their own people and should have been hung from lampposts.

The people of California should watch the following video as it presents a preview of what Brown's and other socialist politicians have in store for the people of California.

Again, we repeat Mrs. Thatcher's dictum: Socialism works until the government runs out of other people's money.

The left hated Thatcher because she spoke the truth. Sort of like another real leader named Reagan.

Source: Fox News



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