Soros Alarmed by Trumpmania, Pours Millions into 2016 Race

Overlords of the republican party have convened a meeting to steal an election they haven't earned while George Soros plans to spend big money defeating Trump as well.

It goes to show that not even democrats believe the republican establishment is capable of defeating Donald Trump.

With Soros coming back on the scene for 2016, it is noteworthy to mention Soros is a monstrous open-borders advocate. So much so, it has gotten him banned in Russia.

Soros has expressed alarm over the past few months at the candidacies of Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In a statement last week about a new group he's funding to increase voting by Latinos and immigrants in the election, he again mentioned the two candidates by name.

“The intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has been fueled by the Republican primary is deeply offensive,” Soros said in the statement. “There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we've regularly heard from candidates Trump and Cruz.”

Michael Vachon, a spokesman and political adviser to Soros, said there was no single cause for the increase in spending. “His support of Clinton is one reason. The tone of the other candidates is the other,” Vachon said. The Clinton, Cruz and Trump campaigns, which face crucial primary contests in Ohio and Florida today, didn't respond to requests for comment.

Geroge Soros wants Americans to be punished for saying things he finds offensive. He wants people to face “consequences” for making proposals. Why is he in America again?

Soros wants to make sure the newly imported democrat shock troops do their duty. The only reason the left supports mass immigration is because they believe it's a tool to win elections.

Once the imported citizens stop voting democrat, they will be replaced by a new wave of “crisis” refugees.

Source: Bloomberg

Photo: Niccolò Caranti



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