RNC: Our Delegates Can Simply Pick The Nominee at Convention

RNC: Our Delegates Can Simply Pick The Nominee at Convention

In a case of living down to expectations, the GOP has manipulated the rules of the delegate process.

Have you wondered why Mitt Romney has been lurking around like the ghost of elections past? He is here to haunt us with the prospect of another milqetoast candidacy.

His de-facto endorsement of John Kasich demonstrates the desire D.C. republicans have for amnesty programs.

The establishment also fears the public's acceptance of Trump's combative style when handling the media, something D.C. beltway types have been unwilling to do. For years we have been fed garbage about how combating the media was impossible or how running on a simple platform of conservative principles wasn't a winner, yet here we are.

There is no end to the excuses the establishment doles out to explain away it's years of failure.

Now with the majority of their base clearly favoring Trump, they are conjuring up schemes to block Trump and offer their supporters one of the anemic, D.C. approvedĀ candidates.

Their first order of business, is to stop Trump.

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