Schwarzenegger Teams Up with CA Gov Brown to Play President

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and incumbent Gov Jerry Brown are playing the liberal child game called ‘Let’s play President’. Brown kicked things off by flying to China and signing a climate agreement after President Trump left the Paris Accord. Now Arnie is joining forces with the I-want-to-lead-a-communist-nation governor.

We all know how important global warming is to a globalist. How else are they going to enslave 3rd world countries through green development initiatives? Or convince Westerners they need to stop reproducing to free up more space for Muslim migrants in hopes of plunging the world into war and chaos?

Barack was doing a great job destroying the U.S. The globalist were right on track to create their new world order UNTIL Donald J. Trump burst onto the scene and won the Presidency.

Cue in Brown and Schwarzenegger. Their job at the moment is to undo all these facts being brought to light about global warming by President Trump leaving the Paris Accord and equip politicians with all the right tools to force these global warming policies on a state/local level.

The effort developed by the USC Schwarzenegger Institute and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators will be unveiled Friday by the former California governor before more than 130 legislators at the NCEL’s Boston conference.

The new initiative to tweak Trump on climate change is being touted as a first — a “digital environmental legislative handbook” which organizers say will provide political leaders around the nation with a comprehensive curated list of legal and legislative research, voting records, and bill language and data to help them prepare bills on a wide range of environmental action, including air quality, renewable energy, health and climate change.

Schwarzenegger told POLITICO in an interview Thursday. “With his decision on the Paris agreement, it is even more so important to make this information available because it shows the kinds of wonderful things states can do without waiting for the federal government.”

“The message to legislators with the project is now ‘you have the power to do it yourselves,”' he said. “The reality is each state now goes to work

Now we don’t want vast sweeping expansions of federal government. But, on the other hand, the Founding Fathers purposefully created our government to allow the federal government to maintain jurisdiction over the states to ensure unity.

And in this particular case pertaining to Schwarzenegger stepping up to assume moral leadership for the country and play President – it appears primarily directed at undermining the validity of President Trump and U.S. democratic process.

You can view this on various levels. Attacking President Trump makes old ‘has beens' relevant again. Anyone wanting a second stab at power, be it RINO, or Jackass has an open invitation to join the anti-Trump army.

These are wealthy elite globalist we’re talking about. Sure, Schwarzenegger came from humble origins. He was the son of a lowly former Nazi police officer. But, he rose the ranks. Married into the Kennedys and sold his soul.

The 0.001% have an agenda and it’s not to help the common man. What kind of a nut job thinks it’s helping people to raise gas prices 42% on hardworking middle-class families to help cover his salary and liberal social organizations like Planned Parenthood?

But, yeah, for sure, we all believe ya now over there Brown and Arnie that if global warming was real and actually going to kill us you’d be trying to help us. Help us into the ovens like your Nazi father helped the Jews that is. So, take your stupid liberal ‘toolkit', imperialist global warming initiatives, and stay the hell out of politics.

Source: Politico



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