Pope Francis DEFENDS Top Aid Caught Molesting Children as Being “Honest”

Pope Francis’s top financial adviser, Cardinal George Pell, was officially charged by Australian officials with multiple counts of criminal sexual assault.

“Cardinal Pell is facing multiple charges in respect of historic sexual offences,” Victoria state police deputy commissioner Shane Patton told the media in Melbourne on Thursday.

The extent of the charges the senior Vatican official is facing has not been revealed by police. However, according to Patton, “there are multiple complainants relating to those charges”

The alleged assault is stated to have occurred years ago when he was still serving back in his native Australia.

The allegations are believed to stretch from the time that Pell was a priest in the Australian town of Ballarat to when he was Archbishop of Melbourne. It is alleged that the cardinal groomed boys at a swimming pool in Ballarat in the 1970s and committed sexual assaults at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, according to The Australian.”

Cardinal Pell denies these charges although states he will appear before a Melbourne court on July 18th, 2017.

Pope Francis requested Cardinal Pell move to the Vatican in 2014 to personally help him reform the church. The two are stated to be quite close and this is very much reflected in Pope Francis responds to the scandal.

Pope Francis is refusing to excommunicate Cardinal Pell from the church and even issued a statement of support praising the disgraced perverted cardinal as “honest”.

Vatican spokesperson George Burke, on behalf of Pope Francis gave a sickening stupendous explanation as to why his evilness thought Cardinal Pell to be innocent.

In a statement he read to reporters while sitting next to Pell, Burke said the Vatican respected Australia’s justice system but recalled that the cardinal had “openly and repeatedly condemned as immoral and intolerable” acts of sexual abuse against minors.

Really. Really. This doesn’t seen at all to be a case of the wolf guarding the hen house? The Vatican must deal with their sex abuse scandals or the credibility of the Catholic Church will be destroyed.

One wonders if Pope Francis is trying to destroy the church or turn it into a liberal propaganda mouthpiece for persuading the masses. Those two are difficult to deicer at times. But what is clear is that Pope Francis is serving man, not God, and that is being reflected in the state of the church today.

This is the man who is kicking out irreproachable men of God appointed by Pope Benedict to bring in child molesters and crooks that have no qualms about committing blasphemy and agreeing with Pope Francis when he says “all people worship the same God” or that “Jesus failed on the cross” and that priests must profess total obedience to himself over the words of God in 30 days or be ex-communicated.

Source: RT



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