Pope Francis Gives Priests 30 Days to “Clearly Manifest Total Obedience to the Pope” or be Excommunicated

Pope Francis has spent more time campaigning for the liberal agenda than weeding out the liberal transgressors hiding in its midst assaulting young children.

But, then again, in Pope Francis’s defense, anything that encourages a total breakdown of morals and complete acceptance for any depraved act is technically part of the liberal agenda. So, why would he intervene on behalf of the Lord?

There is a reason Soros has poured millions into special interest groups working to convince Catholic Churches across the globe that Pope Francis is indeed a worshiper of God and not of Satan.

Pope Francis believes “ideological Christians” are destroying the Catholic Church, you “don’t need to believe in God” to go to heaven, that “populism is evil” and open borders and one society will be “heaven on earth”. Again, it calls into question who Pope Francis actually worships and by Heaven does he really mean Hell. For who desires to live in a world with unchecked crime where rape is just viewed as a “sexual emergency” as is happening in liberal socialist countries.

These words are a slap in the face to devote Catholics everywhere. No true follower of God would ever condone such blasphemes rhetoric that clearly contradicts the word of God. This situation is heightened by Pope Francis latest attack on true religion. This masquerading wolf seems to have confused the will of his Heavenly Father with that of his Hungarian Father, a Mr. George Soros.

Pope Francis shared a terrifying message instructing all Catholic priests to put God 2nd as the Bible was no longer relevant and to instead OBEY with questioning his new revelation.

The document of this new degree sent out to Priests in the Catholic Church by Pope Francis on the next page:




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