Pope Francis: All Religions Worship the Same God

Pope Francis: All Religions Worship the Same God

Pope Francis is one of the biggest propaganda pieces of the New World Order. Just take his vision for a One World Religion, which actually means to exploit all types of religious worshipers who will buy into this deceit.

According to Infowar‘s Alex Jones, the Vatican is feeding into a power hungry elitist agenda by ultimately destroying its own institution, but the millions of people who follow the pope's guidance do not realize this.

Leo Zagami, who is highly involved in the Vatican, and with the higher level secret societies in Rome has warned the public for years about a pope who will preach that all religions worship the same god. You can watch Pope Francis' unified religion trailer on the next page.

As a best selling author, Zagami has also warned over the coming of a black, Jesuit pope, or this new pope, Pope Francis, who will probably resign and set a precedent for future popes to only serve for five to ten years, or less, or even suggest something as crazy as multiple popes.

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