Police Introduce ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Prevent Migrant Sex Attacks

Police Introduce ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Prevent Migrant Sex Attacks

“Groping is a crime” is the messaging from the Swedish police states a recent press release.  Swedish women have been accosted as a result of the open border policies which have produced the flood of immigrants into once tranquil cities and villages.

The sexual assault epidemic, at the hands of the refugee population, has forced the police to alter how they are dealing with the serious issue, since covering up these stories as their modus operandi is not working.

Group assaults committed by foreign men have been reported at the We are Stockholm music festival.  Police in Stockholm deliberately covered up the casualty and no one was prosecuted for the reported crimes.

In the Stockholm case, an anti-immigrant website linked to the far right Sweden Democrats, Nyeter Idag, claimed that Dagens Nyheter itself received reports about the assaults very soon after the festival but did not publicize them because they might benefit the far-right party, who campaign to stop immigration. Dagens Nyheter vehemently denied the claim, producing a full rebuttal on their website.  The festival took place a month before general elections in which the Sweden Democrats came third.

Sweden is feeling the pinch and the horrors of crime that illegal alien refugees have brought into their country.  European countries, especially Germany, and now Sweden, have had an open borders policy to help with the influx of refugees.  The reality of the influx is a money and crime issue.  Many of these refugees are males between 18-35, seemingly not refugees, who are taking advantage of the crisis to move out of the Middle East and into western Europe.

This cultural and political clash has resulted in Sweden having the “worst rates of sexual violence against women” in all of Europe. The Swedish police report “acknowledged migrants were responsible for the bulk of the problem but the police were accused of making excuses for the perpetrators.”

Making excuses is not all the police have done.

The immigrant crisis in Sweden seems to be much worse than has been reported, as Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, reports that the police have been covering up a multitude of offenses.

Using a classified code to keep the incidents, which number in the thousands, that have been committed at asylum centers hidden from the public.  Such occurrences have been bomb threats, violence, mental illness and rapes and have been secretly classified under Code 291.

Svensak Dagbladet, the Swedish paper, wrote that the police have kept this information hidden from the public, perhaps because of the public outcry which would result if the sheer number of crime was made public.  However, the information is now available and certainly appalling.

Now the police think giving women bracelets that say, “don’t touch me”, will somehow stop the deviants from sexually assaulting them.  Read more on the next page.

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