Swedish Police Cover-up Sexual Assaults by Immigrants at Music Festival

With the breaking stories of sexual assault in Cologne, Germany one might consider this a new immigrant crime phenomenon, however, as far back as the summer of 2014, group assaults committed by foreign men have been reported at the We are Stockholm music festival.  Police in Stockholm, deliberately covered up the casualty and no one was prosecuted for the reported crimes.

In the Stockholm case, an anti-immigrant website linked to the far right Sweden Democrats, Nyeter Idag, claimed that Dagens Nyheter itself received reports about the assaults very soon after the festival but did not publicize them because they might benefit the far-right party, who campaign to stop immigration. Dagens Nyheter vehemently denied the claim, producing a full rebuttal on their website.  The festival took place a month before general elections in which the Sweden Democrats came third.

Cover up has also occurred in the Cologne, Germany assaults, as police and media under reported the situation to not boost an anti-immigrant sentiment.

The organizers of the Stockholm festival, after the 2014 event, started a program with NGOs and police to encourage females to report any harassment and name the delinquent.

There were 20 reports of assault or harassment at the festival in 2015, Ticoalu said, but no evidence of any ethnic dimension to the attackers.

A spokesperson for the festival organizers, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have seen different waves of this sort of violence over time. Sexual harassment is something that happens in society, so everything that is happening in society will definitely happen there.”

With the reports of cover-up and the epidemic of sexual assault at the hands of foreign immigrant men, the national police commissioner, Eliasson, has sworn a complete investigation into the crimes committed during the 2014 festival.  “Political correctness” has paralyzed the police, the Swedish Democrats believe.

Björn Söder, one of the party’s MPs, told Expressen: “It is a scandal without equal. Could this have happened at several locations in the country, but they don’t tell you certain things because it could ‘play into the hands’ [of the Sweden Democrats]’?”

Ticoalu said he had not heard reports of similar assaults happening at Sweden’s other big music festivals, but he “would not be shocked” if they had. Stockholm police did not respond to requests for comment.

Political correctness is hurting the women of these nations with open borders.

Source: The Guardian



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