Matthews: “I Don’t Care” How Mother of Benghazi Victim Felt, She’s a Liar

Sadly, this isn't the first time the Democrats have slandered the families of those slain in Benghazi to take the heat off Clinton. Hillary herself  openly referred to them as “liars” and said they were “absolutely wrong” to demand she be held accountable. This vicious smear previously provoked Smith to snap back at the Democratic candidate, saying that there is a “special place in Hell” for people like Clinton. If there's any truth to this last remark of Ms. Smith's, then Hillary will have good company in the form of Chris Matthews:

“I mean, these are true, wonderful stories. And then to pile on to that this gross accusation that somehow Hillary Clinton had anything to do with the death of Chris Stevens, the ambassador, she had nothing to do with it. Even with all the arguments with the PR afterwards, as Gene pointed out, if it's true, worst case scenario, she didn't give a straight story afterwards. That had nothing to do with the death of our great ambassador over there. I don't understand why the Republicans would choose to put this on primetime television when they have such wonderful stories of heroism.

I think it was wrong. I don't care what that woman up there, the mother has felt. Her emotions are her own but for the country in choosing a leader, it's wrong to have someone get up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton. It's not true. It's logically not true. It's manifestly not true, even if all of the arguments about what she said afterwards or Susan Rice said afterwards on Meet the Press are true and anybody who thinks about it for a second knows it's not true and I think it's wrong that they ruin their evening with this.”

Source: Real Clear Politics



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