Leader of Women’s Protest Who Has Ties to Terrorist Group Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

If you were to take the well-published beliefs of radical feminists and compare them with equally well-articulated beliefs of the Islamic faith as regards the proper role of women in society, the home, and in marriage, you would wonder how these two groups mange to even be in the same room without a brawl breaking out. So vast are the differences on key issues.

Nevertheless, if it's an attack on conservatives, or President Trump in particular, those “minor” issues can be put aside for the more important job of pushing some sort of a protest agenda.

Anyway, one of the leaders of the protest wound up in jail.

Linda Sarsour, one of the International Women’s Day protest organizers, was arrested outside of Trump Tower in New York City Wednesday afternoon.

Sarsour was one of several women reportedly cuffed and taken into custody for disorderly conduct after receiving several warnings from police to cease and desist.


Perhaps you don't know who this lady is.  She is the Director of the Arab American Association of New York, and has made some audacious statements such as those to the effect that Americans are terrorizing Muslims because it is not possible for Muslims to assimilate into American culture.

That statement doesn't leave a lot of options, does it?

She has also been shown to have ties to terrorists such as Salah Sarsour who “is part of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee as well as a former Hamas member once imprisoned in Israel for his activities with the group.”

Where do you go from there? Set up Muslim enclaves ruled by their own set of laws? Change the culture of America to suit people like Sarsour? None of that is going to work.

And neither is the alliance between feminists and Muslims. Eventually, the differences between contemporary western feminist positions on social issues are going to slam headlong into the utterly incompatible set of Muslim beliefs on those same issues. That would be an interesting debate to watch.

Source: The Daily Caller



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