Leader of Women’s Protest Who Has Ties to Terrorist Group Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

The International Women's Day, held annually on March 8, didn't turn out this year quite the way some participants planned. In fact, some on the left always looking for a way to get offended, got arrested. Perhaps they think they've made some sort of honorable and noble act of self-sacrifice. They are welcome to think that, of course, but in truth they just look like a collection of crybabies.

What we have here are some liberal leftovers from the presidential campaign who cannot reconcile themselves to the result of that election, combined with some women with radical Islamic beliefs. While those two groups have some crucial points on which they disagree completely, they managed to get together in their attempt to make a point. Those who thought the Trump Tower would be a great place to create a disturbance, got a visit from the police.

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