Law Enforcement Now ‘De-Policing’ in Response to Obama’s ‘War on Police’

Every profession has its share of bad apples. The problem with the law enforcement profession is that those bad apples can create the very crime they are supposed to prevent, and in extreme cases, get people killed.

Yet that is no reason to tear the law enforcement profession apart as Mr. Obama did. He damaged people’s careers, endangered the public, inflamed racial tensions, and changed the complexion of law enforcement — and not for the better. His reprehensible conduct even included stooping to calling the police “racists.”

Communities and individuals are suffering today due to the malfeasance of Mr. Obama and his associates. Energizing and praising violent groups such as Black Lives Matter has done nothing to improve the communities Obama purports to want to help.

Fortunately, law enforcement leaders such as Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has called out Obama for the damage he did to law enforcement. Sheriff Clarke is a bright ray of light in what is otherwise a very disturbing situation.

Here’s an example of the results of Obama’s words and actions:

An unclassified FBI study on last year’s cop-killing spree found officers are “de-policing” amid concerns that anti-police defiance fueled in part by movements like Black Lives Matter has become the “new norm.”

“Departments — and individual officers — have increasingly made the decision to stop engaging in proactive policing,” said the report by the FBI Office of Partner Engagement obtained by The Washington Times.

The report, “Assailant Study — Mindsets and Behaviors,” said that the social-justice movement sparked by the 2014 death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at the hands of an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, “made it socially acceptable to challenge and discredit the actions of law enforcement.”

If police do not believe they will be supported, but might wind up having to quit and go into hiding with their families as was the case with the officer in the Ferguson incident just mentioned, they are going to be reluctant to confront potential criminals. And that’s just what the FBI report shows is happening.

So we see yet one more result of Obama’s policies — criminals are getting bolder, no doubt aware of the growing reluctance of law enforcement officers to confront them.

“Nearly every police official interviewed agreed that for the first time, law enforcement not only felt that their national political leaders [publicly] stood against them, but also that the politicians’ words and actions signified that disrespect to law enforcement was acceptable in the aftermath of the Brown shooting,” the study said.

As a result, “Law enforcement officials believe that defiance and hostility displayed by assailants toward law enforcement appears to be the new norm.”

While most of the violence used against the police was predictably to avoid arrest, a portion of it resulted from a hatred of police in general and a desire to get revenge for alleged injustices.

Most of the assailants who used deadly force against officers did so in an effort to avoid being taken into custody, but 28 percent were motivated by hatred of police and a desire to “kill law enforcement,” in some cases fueled by social and political movements.

“The assailants inspired by social and/or political reasons believed that attacking police officers was their way to ‘get justice’ for those who had been, in their view, unjustly killed by law enforcement,” the study said.

The perpetrators said their animus toward police was based on their own experiences as well as “what they heard and read in the media about other incidents involving law enforcement shootings.”

It’s this distrust and even hatred of police that has been encouraged by the actions of Mr. Obama and those he directed. At times he seemed more willing to support cop-killers than the officers who lost their lives.

While the following might be rare, it’s an example of the fruits of the despicable policies of the Obama administration.

Such factors have “had the effect of ‘de-policing’ in law enforcement agencies across the country, which assailants have exploited.”

The report cited an example in which an officer was slammed to the ground and beaten but refused to shoot the assailant “for fear of community backlash.”

“The officer informed the superintendent that the officer chose not to shoot because the officer didn’t want his/her ‘family or department to have to go through the scrutiny the next day on the national news,’ ” the study said.

Thanks to Mr. Obama, we have a new term to add to our vocabulary — “de-policing.”

Of course, with a life-time security detail, the former president, as usual, does not have to concern himself with the results of his actions, other than a lawsuit filed by former prosecutor Larry Klayman.

Turns out Klayman is suing Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, and their host of cohorts.  Perhaps while some justice might prevail, it’s going to take a lot more than one lawsuit to reverse the damage they have done.

Source: Washington Times



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