Emperor Obama: 4 Most Probable Scenarios Obama Would Use to Retain Office

Barack Obama is a criminal, plain and simple. Who has broken the law more than he, with his outrageous executive orders and his ignoring of clear legal limitations such as immigration laws?

He has also shown himself to be a friend of criminals such as the Black Lives Matter rioters who burned down cities and attacked innocent civilians. He was “down” with Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and seems to side mostly with the thugs in the recent conflicts betweenthe police and “members of the hood.” Perhaps he is looking for “street cred,” though that would be hard for a skinny punk from the Shroom gang to achieve.

Obama has an incredibly out-sized ego, and he somehow thinks that the damage he has inflicted on this nation is a legacy to be preserved.

The political class on the Left and the Right both play a kabuki game of not undoing what their predecessor has done, no matter how atrocious the outcome. For example, Obamacare has shown itself to be one of the worst programs ever dumped on the unsuspecting American public, but it will be with us until doomsday, no matter how bad it turns out to be, or until it is replaced by something worse like sing payer.

But Donald Trump is different, and Obama is very nervous. He is not sure how Trump will play with his legacy. Trump has a long memory, and could very well revisit things like where Obama was truly born, and what his college transcripts contained. Not only could Obama be supremely embarrassed by the revelations, but many of his policies could be overturned and undone.

In particular, if Obama was shown to be illegitimate to the presidency, his military orders would have to be rescinded, legislation he signed would be null and void, orders to the EPA, HHS, and the Justice Department would no longer be in effect, and a whole host of other decisions, declarations, and mandates would be overturned. And that means that Donald Trump is a very dangerous man as far as Barack Obama is concerned, and that the president may have to take some extraordinary measures to ensure that Trump does not attain the presidency.

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