Dershowitz to Waters: Being Black Doesn’t Give You a License to Call People Racist

Maxine Waters won't stop calling Donald Trump and his cabinet racist — and now Alan Dershowitz seems to be fed up with the careless throwing around of that term.

While many on the left try to reason their way through their objectionable opinions of Trump, Waters couldn't care less about reason. She will say anything, do anything, and believe anything that makes Trump look bad.

Take, for instance, the fact that she seems to believe Russian President Vladimir Putin invented the phrase “Crooked Hillary.”

So it's not exactly a surprise that Waters thinks Trump's entire cabinet is a “bunch of scumbags.” At one point or another, she has managed to call just about every one of Trump's cabinet members racist — even Ben Carson, a fellow African American.

Now, someone is finally fighting back against Waters' unhinged accusations of racism.

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