Waters Threatens Carson: ‘I’m Going to Take His A** Apart’

Waters Threatens Carson: ‘I’m Going to Take His A** Apart’

Earlier this year, Rep. Maxine Waters called all of Trump's cabinet a “bunch of scumbags.” Now, she's focusing her anger on Ben Carson — and her words might even be considered a threat.

Waters' attacks are surprising, considering Carson is the only black cabinet member in the Trump administration. While that doesn't mean Carson is above criticism, it does go against liberal logic. The Left usually believes attacking a black politician is inherently racist. Waters herself is one of the biggest purveyors of this philosophy.

But Carson is a Republican, so no one seems to care that he's under attack. As an African-American conservative, many liberals believe he's a “traitor” that's not worth protecting at all.

So Waters has mostly gotten away with her shameful attacks against the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, but some conservatives are noticing the hypocrisy.

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