Chicago Police Now Targeted, Ambushed with High Powered Weapons

Chicago has become a battlefield and both the police and the residents are the casualties.  Gangs have overrun the streets and run whole neighborhoods, with a death toll rising every single year.

There was a time that law enforcement was trusted and relied upon to make the decisions in the field.  The FBI has produced a report entitled “Assailant Study – Mindsets and Behaviors” which stated:

[T]he nationwide movement for social justice sparked in part by the 2014 death of Michael Brown at the hands of a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, made it “acceptable” to discredit and challenge the actions of law enforcement officers.

In other words, give them their room to riot and tear up the neighborhood because it is acceptable behavior.  Law enforcement is right only as an exception to the rule.  All challenges by police officers are to be considered racism.  And that is now accepted as reasonable leaps in logic simply due to the fact that they have been told their irrational response of violence is understandable.  Remember the Baltimore mayor instructing the police chief to tell his force to stand down and allow the destruction of private property?  That is the mentality that has given some free rein to break the law.

Fox News Channel's “The Five” continued with this line of discussion:

“When there aren’t any paternal or father figures in homes, the gangs move into that void,” said Guilfoyle. “It’s a very complicated and prevalent problem.” 

Juan Williams, the lone pseudo-Leftist in the group, opted instead to focus on the Texas police officer who shot and killed a 15-year-old Black kid sitting in a car.  This is a typical ploy by the Progressives:  when anyone raises the question of Chicago violence or Black-on-Black crime, Liberals immediately shift the argument to the isolated incidents instead of the clear and present danger.

The entire issue of the rise of criminal gang violence is certainly set on its ear should the testimony of one ex-gang member be true: that the federal government itself has been dropping off ‘crates of guns' to them for years. Many have claimed that part of the Obama administration's agenda was to create a war on police in order to federalize local law enforcement. Perhaps we are still seeing the effects of that initiative.


Source:  Fox News

Image: Chicago Heights Patch



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