Before Leaving Office, Obama Created ‘Refugee Racket’

Before Leaving Office, Obama Created ‘Refugee Racket’

Barack Obama may be gone — for now — but he’s left a lasting impact on the structure of Donald Trump’s government.

Now, more than a month into Trump’s presidency, we’re still uncovering a plethora of secret deals made by the outgoing Obama administration.

Some of those decisions have been public knowledge for weeks. Right before Obama left office, he turned his back on Israel, restricted ammo availability, and permanently banned offshore drilling in the Atlantic.

Now, some of Obama’s less publicized deals are coming to light. And it should come as no surprise that one of the recently-uncovered decisions has to do with refugees. But unlike Obama’s other refugee policies, these so-called refugees are coming from central America and are unaffected by Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration.

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