Will the NFL’s $100M Bribe Pay Off or Will the Protests Continue?

If you had told me 10 years ago that both ESPN sports network and the National Football League (NFL) would be on the road to financial ruin soon after Progressives were done building the guillotine they had fashioned from the uprights of football stadiums, I would have balked.

Listen, the Progressives may know how to package bad news to make it seem like good news (take the Net Neutrality business in the headlines virtually every day), and they may be able to polish a rotten apple (like Hillary) and present it to a willing audience of little children who happily bite into the diseased core and grin while dribbling disgusting green pus (Hillary voters), but there is just no way that they could topple the most influential and powerful sports network and sports league in the world.


Not so fast.  Many today who read the continuous headlines about protests and “taking the knee” and who are immersed in the nearly constant attempts by the Leftist media to give you satisfying feel-good news about the NFL believe that this is the beginning of the end for the NFL.  And they're not wrong.  It IS the beginning of the end for them.  Perhaps the football league will survive, but it will be dramatically different than at its inception so long ago, mired in American culture and inspired by legends like Knute Rockne, Red Grange, Joe Namath, and Jim Brown.

However, they are wrong about why this will happen and they are not making necessary connections to other extensions of the industry that they should.  The Colin Kaepernick episode last year that brought the entire league to its knees a year later is not where their decline began.  The rapid death-spiral that the NFL now finds itself ensconced in began much further back in time when the Left had basically declared war on American football.  That occurred when young players in high school and college, as well as professional players, began experiencing much-hyped concussion injuries.

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