Will the NFL’s $100M Bribe Pay Off or Will the Protests Continue?

And so, let the bribery begin!

ESPN is no longer a sports network, but that's an understatement, isn't it?  We've known for a while that the former sports network giant forewent its humble beginnings as a network for the sports junkie in all of us to no less than a political arm of the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

There was a time when sports was all that mattered to ESPN.  They grew up in Bristol, Connecticut, at a time when there was a dirge of sports coverage outside of Sports Illustrated and the New York Times, or the Daily News and the Post.  Once men (and women) viewed this 24/7 sports network for the first time, it was all they could do to contain their naked joy as they dash to the kitchen for a beer and the chips.

ESPN grew so exponentially quick as to seem impervious to fear or trepidation and risked losing nothing when it came to how much sports coverage they could cobble together in one hour-long update.  When a network could reference Olympic curling with the zeal of a Viking, you knew that ESPN was on the path to greatness.

Of course, that is, until social justice waltzed into the picture.  It's no secret that ESPN is in financial straits these days.  It's no joke that they shut off funding of extra buildings on multiple purchased lots in the Constitution State.  It's also no exaggeration to reference the many hundreds of employees that have gotten their pink slips in recent years.

Why all this upheaval and top-heavy teetering?  Let's just say that the National Football League (NFL) is at the center of their troubles and it didn't start with “taking the knee!”  Read on the next page about the rapid decline of both ESPN and the NFL!

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