University Bans Saggy Pants, Denounced As Racist

sign saggy pants

“The group that I'm representing was outraged by the sign,” Haggans said. Those students wanting the sign taken down because they say “sagging pants” is culturally associated with African Americans.

“Its politically insensitive to certain groups. They felt like they were being targeted,” Bell said.

“We certainly want to apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication, but there was not a particular group or individual that was targeted,” Dr. Lewis A. Shepherd, Jr., Vice President of Student and External Affairs said. Shepherd continued to say the school does not have a dress code, but he has high expectations for his student body.

“We do a dis-service to students if we do not teach those values while they're here,” Shepherd said.

“If we're trying to teach our students how to be more professional, i just don't think a sign was the right communication,” Haggans said,

Both Haggans and Bell think instead of a sign the school should have held something like a forum to talk about this. Dr. Shepherd said they'll be doing just that and he hopes there can be better communication between administration and students.


Last year, a Florida town tried to ban saggy pants, promising a large fine and up to six months in jail. They had to abandon that plan after the NAACP threatened a lawsuit, stating that it was an attack on black culture. So now if a community decides they don't want to look at the underwear of others, it means that they are racist?



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