UK Parliament Debates Banning Trump From Britain

Trump Banned From Parliament?

The issue revolves around Trump calling for a halt to Islamic immigration into the U.S. while the immigration service reviews and revises it’s vetting processes. The service has admitted that they do not have adequate procedures in place to assure the American people that they can keep Islamic terrorists, posing as Middle East refugees, out of the country.

That seems like a common sense proposal, but the Left in the U.S. want to use the proposal as a bludgeon against Trump to call him a racist and Islamophobe. That includes President Obama, who seems intent on inviting as many Middle Eastern Muslims into the U.S. as possible, despite the warranted concerns of the public who first want to be assured of their safety and security.

That same language was repeated in the U.K. when it was learned that Trump had been invited to speak in the venerable chamber.

Some of the language – “Trump’s an idiot” – was quite unparliamentary. But what was MOST unparliamentary was the way in which MPs conducted themselves today, and the fact that the debate went ahead at all.

Because around half a million lefties signed a government e-petition, Parliament was forced to debate the matter. But when half a million people signed a petition to “Stop All Immigration” into the UK – it scarcely got any news coverage.

Instead, the political and media establishments of Britain today once again coalesced to lampoon themselves unknowingly, discussing why a U.S. presidential candidate should be banned for calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States.

Notable were the thick Scottish accents, in the packed out Committee Room, slating Donald Trump for being a “bigot” and a “racist”. Many of these are the same Scottish MPs you’d often find in their constituencies slagging off the English. But that’s not racism. That’s patriotism, right?

Today’s parliamentary debate was deeply distressing for all freedom-loving Britons. It shows that Britain is still not willing to defend liberty. And with the namby-pamby words uttered by the so-called representatives of the people in the Palace of Westminster today – it is evident that there is very little virtue left at the top of our politics.

It may be too late for the U.K. They may have invited in such a crowd that the politicians now cannot take a position against them. It is puzzling that the Islamic lobby has become so powerful as to squelch ancient rights of free speech and debate, but that is what has happened.

The political correctness advocates have completely overwhelmed common sense and reason, and have forced the public into acquiescence in spite of the serious consequences that may develop, both by the damage it does to long-established human rights, and because it exhibits the power of groups that are determined to overwhelm sovereignty in Western countries. One wonders how such a demonstration of Christians demanding power and control in a Middle Eastern country would be received.

More importantly, when the next terrorist attack is launched, most likely from within Europe by those very refugees who were welcomed in, if the Leftists will remember it was their voices that demanded no vetting and no limit to unfettered Middle Eastern immigration.


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