The Trump/Pope Feud Cools as Both Men Walk Back Their Comments

Earlier this week, a new feud, between Pope Francis and Donald Trump erupted, and many criticized the Pope's comments as highly hypocritical. Now, the Vatican seems to be attempting to clarify and walk back what the Pope said and what he meant.

The Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, has issued a clarification regarding the Pope’s remarks to journalists Thursday, when he said, in answer to a question about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, that a person who only thinks of building walls and not about building bridges is no Christian.

Aboard the plane returning from Mexico to Rome, the Pope answered Reuters reporter Phil Pullella by saying, “I would only say: if he said these things, this man is no Christian. But we’d have to see whether he said these things. And in this matter, I would give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Since news reports bore headlines suggesting that the Pope had denied Trump’s Christianity, and other comments by the Pope had also caused some confusion, the papal spokesman released a statement Friday in an effort to clarify what the Pope was trying to say.

Lombardi said that Pope-watchers know that Francis is always repeating that we should not build walls but bridges. “He repeats this over and over, constantly, and he has also said it many times regarding the issue of migration in Europe,” he said. “So it is not a specific issue, limited to this case” but part of his general attitude, consistent with “following the Gospel directives of welcome and solidarity.”

It seems that Trump is also backing away from the confrontation, as well.

Still, the latest developments indicate that both men are now tap-dancing away from a showdown in the absolute crock-osseum. As is his custom, having got the airplay for something, Trump is now blithely backtracking. At a town hall in South Carolina on Thursday evening, he dropped what would once have sounded like a line from South Park but now feels like just another day’s news in this psychotropically unconventional campaign. Actually, he mused: “I don’t like fighting with the pope.” Well quite. It’s like the new political dictum goes: never fight with a pope.

Let's be glad we can put this odd saga behind us, as these two men have. It's a battle in which their were no possible winners, only losers.

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