Trump Turns the Tables, Accuses Obama of Either “Colluding” with Russia or “Obstructing” Investigation

Trump Turns the Tables, Accuses Obama of Either “Colluding” with Russia or “Obstructing” Investigation

President Obama had managed the effete move at the very end of the election cycle to eject some Russian diplomats from the country and seizing their homes to keep up the pretense that he was being tough on the Kremlin.  In his effort to pretend that the Russian hacking was, in fact, the whole reason that his successor, Queen Hillary, was the loser of this contest (if in fact she had turned out to be the loser) Barack Obama ensure that the story would have some teeth.

The former president's endeavor to maneuver himself into a position where he could appear to be remote to all the hacking somehow convinced the Left that Russians had the wherewithal to immerse themselves so tick-worthy into the Deep State that even the Great Anointed himself was duped into believing that our high security elections systems were safe from the predations of our enemies.  After a very unsuccessful attempt to commandeer the states' elections systems by scooping them up in a DHS-style “designation of critical federal infrastructure” move (due in large part to the work of Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp) the Obama administration was forced into a series of “scans” (cyber attacks) of elections systems around the country which could, in essence, reveal weakness that could be exploited.  All this BEFORE February of 2016 and the real meat of the Primaries on both sides.  What that translates to, my friends, is a 100% bona fide motive for the administration to have been the actual culprit of the cyber-hacking in the first place!

These actions by the president were necessitated precisely because it became ever more apparent to the upper echelons of the Left that Hillary was political and public poison and could possibly be defeated by Trump.  We mustn't lose track of the fact that the Progressive strategists who were tracking trends could see with crystal clarity that Hillary was losing in the arena of ideas, in the White working class regions, and despite the fake news polls issuing from CNN, ABC, NBC, USA Today, etc., etc., showing Clinton leading Trump by (at times) as much as 18 percentage points, the management at the top knew that all this was skunk cabbage carved up to look like an elegant salad.

Trump has decided to charge headlong into the fake news brigade and wrestle with the Leftist rose-colored specter of a wildly popular Obama and Hillary and remind them of their biggest failing:  hypocrisy.  Read more on the following page to see how Trump is no longer going to take the crap of the Liberals.

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