Trump Turns the Tables, Accuses Obama of Either “Colluding” with Russia or “Obstructing” Investigation

President Donald John Trump (I just enjoy saying that to tease Keith Olbermann) has had it up to his blonde comb-over with these crazy Leftist media hacks who masquerade as journalists.  In a tweet of YUGE proportions, the Donald has decided to take aim at the former president for his poor handling of the so-called Russia hacking of the elections systems.  Using sports vernacular (which really goes over well with me because I'm an avid hockey fan) an Obama official used the word “choked” in describing the administration when it came time to actually do something about this announced Russian interference.

Trump, in a series of morning tweets, appeared to be alluding to a Washington Post report from Friday that revealed the CIA told Obama about alleged Russian meddling in the election as early as August 2016 – and yet the Obama administration didn’t publicly disclose the attempts until a little-noticed statement in October. “I feel like we sort of choked,” an anonymous former Obama official told The Post.

High-ranking Party of the Jackass members were quick to point out that perhaps there was something to this notion that it seemed quite out-of-character for a president faced with a possibly very real issue of undermining our democracy, simply stood by and allowed this to take place.

Some did attempt eleventh-hour last-ditch efforts to make a dent in the shifty-eyed Dems who were brave (or foolish) enough to break with the Left's drumbeat of “the Russians are coming!”  However, the sum total of that move amounted to a bunch of skittering less-than-faithful party members when images of Seth Rich rose to the forefront, like roaches when the lights are turned on, and this eventually led to a disquiet quiet.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, after showing an initial curiosity earlier in the week about answers regarding other Democrat scandals, was compliant as he proffered that perhaps the Obama administration did nothing about foreign entities possibly breaking into our elections systems and electronics grid for nefarious reasons because they wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety!  That's as silly as it is laughable.  That's the equivalent of saying that you didn't want to save the drowning baby for fear that someone might get the idea that you wanted to inappropriately touch the infant!

Many on the Left are now also claiming that by Trump tweeting what he has regarding Obama knowing about this infiltration by Russian agents, but failing to do nothing about it, proves that Trump knew that the claims of Russian interference were true.  My thoughts on this are, if the Libs are going to continue with this wild goose chase for a comrade on which to blame this fiasco, Trump probably figured, “Why not just feed into the fantasy a little bit more?”  When you think about it, the American people are apparently little interested in this Russia-collusion story and more concerned about their own lives and how these new policies are going to affect them personally.  The Democrats are not doing themselves any favors by pushing this narrative, but if they continue to distract away from the ways that they can actually help the American people, why wouldn't Trump assist them?  If he can dupe them into yammering about this tripe until 2020, all the better.

Every moment wasted on the Russian baloney (damn, now I'm hungry!) is another wasted opportunity for the Party of the Jackass to draw a clear line of demarcation between themselves and the evil emperor, Trump.

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