Trump Assures America: No More Cuban Boot-Wiping on Our American Flag

Trump Assures America: No More Cuban Boot-Wiping on Our American Flag

Making nice with Cuba, whether past rose-colored and soft-hearted administrations or the sorely misinformed and neophytic Obama administration, is one of those ideas that, in a decade's time, one looks upon with sheepish embarrassment.  A full 99% of what Obama was actually attempting to do with one of the more seriously misguided attempts at coddling a poor man's Communist dictator was riling up the Right wingers.  I have no doubt that everything he does revolves chiefly around how it will adversely affect the enemy (half the country's residents) and only then after that priority does he think about actual policy.  The 1% of what he was attempting to do with Castro was to get his acceptance and personal validation for all his hard work on behalf of the struggle.

Obviously, when dealing with a thug-ocracy, you're not making valuable friends so much as you're displaying to the rest of the world your willingness to bow down and allow killers to wipe their bloody boots on the American flag.  Obama demonstrated an almost superhuman ability to insult the United States, a place that gave him an unprecedented opportunity to mend our differences.  With racist divisions alive and well in nearly every corner of the country between Blacks and Whites, and illegal aliens emboldened enough to march upon the very capital of our nation in a brazen, angry and disrespectful parade of criminals, Obama thought that this was the perfect time to throw even more chili powder in the eyes of Americans by visiting Cuba and glorifying it with humiliatingly referenced statistics about healthcare and education and claiming that we could learn a thing or two from the tiny island nation about human rights.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has had many things to say over the years about the murderous Castro and his bloody regime of terror and intimidation.  Upon the conclusion of Obama's 2014 “historic” visit to Cuba, Rubio decried the visit as one that “gave away much and received very little in return.”  After talking about how Obama did not understand foreign policy, he was quoted as saying, “This president is the single worst negotiator we have had in the White House in my lifetime.”

Rubio and President Trump have not exactly seen eye-to-eye on many things, especially of late when he is calling for more investigations surrounding the Establishment science fiction known as Russia-White House collusion.  There was even the small dust-up that occurred in last December when Rubio questioned Trump's supposed “business interests” in Cuba.

However, Trump has shown a resilience to controversy and scandal that few others have been able to endure.  And Rubio also has another reason to begin mending fences with Trump as the president is moving to enact something that the young Florida Senator has been asking for over the last three years.  Read more on the next page:

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