Time to Revoke CNN’s Press Credentials

It’s not very often when you can honestly say that you’re happy with the news…except of course when the news IS the news.  Recently, James O’Keefe, president of the undercover Right-leaning media center called Project Veritas, has unveiled its next in an ongoing series of damning videos that have infiltrated and exposed the poisonous and incestuous CNN Leftist culture for what it is, peeling away the layers of fake news and obfuscation to reveal that nearly the entire organization is corrupt.

O’Keefe, if you recall, was instrumental years ago during the Obama years in finally exposing one of the largest dirty political action groups in America, ACORN.  This group was unlawfully registering voters by the millions in an attempt to build a solid Liberal base for Washington politics and was also employing social workers in a multitude of locations around the country who were dedicated to gaming the system, defrauding the government, and fleecing the American taxpayer.  They operated on federal funding in the hundreds of millions and were very good friends of Barack Hussein Obama.

When they were finally exposed through the efforts (mainly) of Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and O’Keefe, the scandal exploded and was everywhere in the Right-wing media.  Of course, none of this was covered by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, et. al., despite being one of the biggest scandals since Bill Clinton’s sex-capades of the ’90s.  This begs the question, if the mainstream media is as unbiased as they purport, why is it that not a one of these news networks carried the story?  It was huge!  It involved corruption on a level not seen in recent years!  Yet, it was not news in the mainstream media worth covering.

The resulting firestorm in Congress forced our civil servants to take notice and address it.  Even the RINOs couldn’t run from the issue anymore after constituents clogged up phones lines at the Capitol.  Resigning themselves to having to vote and pushed by people like Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota to end funding of this horrible money-laundering outfit (and much to the chagrin of cheerleader and former-lawyer for the group, Barack Hussein Obama), ACORN was defunded and shuttered its doors all over the country.

To show you how partisan this situation was, here’s Zach Carter of the Huffington Post:

The GOP had grown accustomed to demanding concessions from Democrats on critical legislation since winning control of the House in 2010. Some of these maneuvers ― including a failed attempt to repeal Obamacare ― carried serious policy implications. But this particular case of legislative hostage-taking came with a punchline: ACORN didn’t exist. The organization had disbanded nearly three years prior. Congress was about to do something thoroughly futile, for no reason.

There was a certain aesthetic harmony between the emptiness of this looming legislative assault and the attack that caused ACORN’s demise. In 2009, conservative provocateur James O’Keefe had stitched together undercover footage that appeared to show ACORN staffers offering financial advice to a pimp who declared he was prostituting underage girls. Multiple government investigations would eventually clear ACORN of legal wrongdoing, and O’Keefe’s career would descend into a series of bizarre self-owns. But the damage to ACORN was done. Congress voted to cut off federal funding and the group closed its doors, humiliated.

Years later, ACORN’s enemies were apparently still not satisfied. I called the GOP spokeswoman for the House Appropriations Committee, who told me the anti-ACORN language was “a typical provision that is included in most appropriations bills.” This explanation, of course, only made everything weirder. Why would Congress routinely bar federal funding for an organization that doesn’t exist?

I can answer that question, Mr. Carter.  You see, the day that ACORN was defunded and they closed their doors, didn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that they were done committing funding fraud.  Oh no, no, no!  They were only getting started.  Once this group closed down all its regional offices, the money that they had already confiscated in so doing, was lumped together, bonuses were handed out to Wade Rathke, who owned and ran the money laundering enterprise, and were then surrepticiously absorbed by George Soros-funded groups like “Open Society.”  So you see, Mr. Carter, even though they were “shut down,” they weren’t de-funded, per se.  There are so many hundreds of ACORN-like groups out there committing voter fraud that the idea that none of them are being funded because the government halted funding to ACORN is just not factually based.

That being the case, that the fraud was real, that it impacted American families (including minorities in poverty-stricken areas), and that it was a drain on the economy, you’d think that the press would be all over it.  But, as you can see from the Huffington Post excerpt above, the fraud was denied because it goes against the narrative.

O’Keefe has been in the middle of some very dicey situations.  During some of his very revealing videos, including those that exposed Hillary Clinton’s scandalous and illegal below-board propaganda operation that sought to portray Trump rallies as violent and hateful where they were paying people (sometimes even homeless men) to start fights with Trump supporters in line outside so that the nightly news’ cameras not only caught it on film, but could pump it into everyone’s living room every evening prior to the election, O’Keefe was public enemy number one for many years.  He was even hauled into court a few times because of the effectiveness of his work. In fact, he is currently being sued by Democratic Partners in a $1M lawsuit.

His latest endeavor has been to expose CNN and its monstrous Liberal fake news mill that has been churning out negative news about anything Conservative or Right-wing for decades.  There was a good reason why people began referring to it as the Clinton News Network, after its shameful circling of the wagons to protect the Clinton Legacy at all costs.

The latest attempts to subvert democracy and our free and fair elections is to propagate the fake news stories of Russian interference and Trump collusion initiated by Barack Hussein Obama.  There has not been a single positive story about the Trump election or the Trump policies since he was elected.  Match that against the thousands of positive stories about Obama and Clinton that have been produced by the same network.  Go back for a moment to the years of the George W. Bush presidency and the 100% constant drumbeat by CNN to delegitimize him and his policies.  The Iraq War body-count chyron that was permanently plastered at the corner of the CNN television screen for nearly a decade and then, magically, disappeared overnight when Obama was elected, never to be seen again while he was president.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see it make a grand entrance once again.

In his first of three video exposes, O’Keefe focuses on John Bonifield, the Supervising Producer of Medical Programming, who has been at CNN for 15 years.  In the video, Bonifield is asked questions by an O’Keefe colleague who has been “embedded” in order to form this relationship of trust.  According to O’Keefe, these investigators are carefully placed and work over months and sometimes years in order to build a working relationship with people in those organizations and get them comfortable enough to be truthful.  This is real, deep undercover stuff when you’re dealing with multiple people up at high levels of the network.

In several different venues, Bonifield makes no bones about the fact that CNN is committed to not only ratings (well, duh!  if they weren’t, why own a cable news network?), but also the destruction of Trump.  Now, understand that Bonifield didn’t say “destruction of Trump,” but that’s what he meant when he said that there was nothing to the Russia-collusion story.  CNN has made their bread-and-butter, as previously noted, on the 24-/7 anti-Right-wing news cycle.  There’s no question.  There are too many examples against the “unbiased network” narrative to honestly depict CNN as anything other than the media-arm of the Democrat Party.  So, with Bonifield fully admitting that CNN is ABSOLUTELY AWARE of the fact that the Russia-collusion story is a non-issue, and while continuing to place it front-and-center, says with clarity and conviction that CNN is completely dedicated to the ultimate delegitimization of the Trump presidency.

“Could be bullshit. I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof. Then they say, well there’s still an investigation going on. . . If it was something really good, it would leak…. The leaks keep leaking and there’s so many great leaks, and it’s amazing. I just refuse to believe that if they had something really good like that that wouldn’t leak because we’ve been getting all these other leaks.”

In this first video, CNN anchors and spokespeople, in order to tamp down the initial outrage, pointed out very quickly that Bonifield’s opinion meant nothing, because he was a mere lowly creature of no status at CNN, being only a medical content producer.  You know and I know that this is just their way of saying, “Crap!  We were caught!  Quick, call the boss!  We need a strategy!  Someone, discredit Bonifield!”

With the first video in the can, O’Keefe went live with the second video.  This one would be a bit tougher for CNN to just discredit the speaker in the video because it was one of their big on-air personalities.  Committed Communist Van Jones, former Obama Green Jobs Czar, was on hidden camera fully admitting that the Russia-collusion and election interference issue was “a big nothing burger.”  While it’s interesting language, it essentially says that there’s nothing there and he knows it and CNN upper management knows it.  Again, while this is not a full-on admitting that they are dedicated to destroying Donald Trump’s presidency, it is saying so in a limited amount of words that they know for a fact that this issue is not intellectually honest, but it nets them both profit and works toward the goal of creating doubt in Trump’s legitimacy.

The third video was probably more damaging in its depiction of how rampant the intellectual dishonesty is over at CNN.  Associate Producer Jimmy Carr, who is over CNN’s New Day show, was not even a little bit wavering on where he stands about both Trump and his supporters.  In the video, he is being questioned by a man working for O’Keefe who’s posing as an Irish journalist.

“Would it be fair to question the…I don’t want to be rude here.  I’ll be careful how I put it.  You’re apparently some percentage Irish or Scottish.  Would it be fair to question the intellect of the American voter?”

“Oh no, they’re stupid as s**t!”

Carr went on a long diatribe about how everyone at CNN was in agreement that Trump was a disaster and that his supporters were just plain dumb.  He didn’t stop there though.  He described ALL American voters as idiots.  Understand that this is a guy who is admitting to a possible foreign journalist how stupid Americans are while making himself look like a total moron.  That’s professionalism right there.

To add insult to injury, CNN has just in the past couple of days gone off the rails in its attempt to answer why it took the bait on a trap set by the President when he tweeted a short video of himself beating up wrestling mogul Vince McMahon in a staged brawl, but with the CNN logo superimposed over McMahon’s face.  Hilarious, yes.  Appropriate for the office of the presidency, not so much.  Regardless, it was something that set off CNN faster than Maxine Waters at a microphone and camera outlet.

Crazily enough, CNN managed to anger both the Left and the Right with its response to all the hoopla. At one point, CNN identified the man responsible for the video (because he should be held up to capital crimes for this besmirching of CNN, you know!) but chose instead to protect his identity. In so doing, though, they also issued a threat that if he did anything else to point out CNN’s frailties, they reserved the right to “out him.” That set off a whole new criticism about CNN and its methods.

CNN better take a deep breath, center itself, refocus on important stuff like ACTUAL news and continue going forward with the hope that it may someday climb back to the top of the heap and reclaim its former glory as king of cable news. Until then, they have to hunker down and work hard at building their good reputation back up where everyday Americans, not just Leftists, trust them.

Or, as far as I’m concerned, they can continue on this road to destruction by focusing on Fake News. I really prefer that they do this. Lord knows, we need something to laugh at in times of real dire news in the world.

Source:  Project Veritas 1 & 2 / Huffington Post



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