Study: California Has Worst Quality of Life in US

Study: California Has Worst Quality of Life in US

California, “The Golden State,” is getting a bit tarnished. Socialist policies will do that every time. All it takes is a review of history to see the consistent failure of Socialist/Marxist ideology when applied to the realms of politics, economics, and government. It is a universal destroyer of wealth. But it is a very powerful tool that politicians use to dupe the masses and gain power.

Tell some people that they have gotten the shaft by big business, conservatives, or whomever the left wishes to target, and they line up to vote in those politicians espousing this garbage. Then they line up to collect the benefits leftist politicians tell them they deserve.

This missing component is that someone has to work to create the wealth the left redistributes. That is not something the government can do. All it can do is move wealth around. By sticking it to the business firms that generate jobs and create real wealth, the socialists in power will ruin their jurisdiction. It’s just a matter of time and the severity of the disaster.

Margaret Thatcher is famous for remarking how socialism works until the government runs out of other people’s money. Page two shows Thatcher’s dictum on full display in the decaying state of California

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