South Carolina Town Bans Saggy Pants

Although the ordinance is bound to cause controversy among liberals who will undoubtedly view it as violating the “civil liberties” of those who wear saggy pants, it is hardly without precedent. Earlier this year, a Tennessee high school sent two students to jail for the weekend for wearing excessively-baggy pants in violation of the dress code. In addition, a Florida town passed a similar ordinance that allowed for violators to pay as much as $500 in fines and spend as much as six months in prison for wearing their pants in such a way that their underwear are exposed:

“Law enforcement may give a verbal warning to anyone found in violation of the ordinance, and on a second violation, the violator may be given a written warning and their name may be placed in a law enforcement registry. On a third violation, the violator shall be issued a citation and a fine ranging from $100 to $600, as determined by a city judge.

The ordinance passed the council 5 to 1; councilmember Cheryl Qualls was the sole vote against passing it.”

Source: WMBF News



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