South Carolina Town Bans Saggy Pants

South Carolina Town Bans Saggy Pants

As radical leftists demand that their fellow Americans coddle out-and-out criminals and demonize law enforcement, one South Carolina town has put it’s foot down and said “enough!” to the bleeding hearts.

Convening an official meeting last Tuesday night, the Timmonsville Town Council elected to pass an ordinance that makes it illegal to partake in a number of activities within city limits. Although most of the behaviors listed, such as public nudity and displaying pornographic materials in public, are already prohibited in most jurisdictions, the town went one step further and banned residents from wearing saggy pants.

While the practice of sagging one’s pants is, in addition to unseemly, widely considered a sign of gang affiliation or association, authorities have for the most part refused to crack down on this obvious marker of social deviance. Not so for Timmonsville, with Mayor Pro Tem William James, Jr. hailing the ordinance as a win for both integrity and self-respect.

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