Soros Extensive ‘Open Borders’ Network Exposed in Italy

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Italy is encumbered with an “immigration lobby” made up of international NGOs, Italian NGOs and groups allied with Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which serves as the funding mechanism for all of them.

In 2011, Soros bankrolled the Associazione Carta di Roma, which was designed to put forth a moral code for “correct information” on immigration. Among its permanent invited members are: the UN High Council for Refugees, the International Organization for Migrations and the National Office against Racial Discrimination.

The Charter of Rome, as the group is commonly known, created a glossary designed to further media censorship and political correctness on immigration topics. Its aim was to ensure its desired description of an individual without citizenship.

The accepted terms are: asylum seeker, refugee, person protected by subsidiary protection, beneficiary of humanitarian protection, victim of smuggling, irregular migrant (previously commonly defined as clandestine), mixed migratory influx. The term “clandestine’’ is now punished with fines, and warnings from the Order of Journalists.”

The group also identifies “reliable sources” that are Italian or international NGOs funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Included among them are Amnesty International, Fortress Europe, Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children.

The range of groups in the Soros network operating in Italy focuses on many facets of the immigration puzzle, including promoting unlimited international mobility, “correct communication” on immigration issues, and attracting lawyers, jurists and academics to further the cause.

It’s a very complicated and extensive network that Soros has put together. His goal is to further the collapse of Europe as we know it to satisfy his financial goals and enhance globalist control of a new world order. A former self-admitted Nazi collaborator, Soros is the closest individual we’ll ever see to a real-life James Bond villain.

The main theme of the Open Society network is to use anti-discrimination laws to promote unlimited migration via the abolition of borders. The idea is clearly stated in the manifesto of many organizations. Most organizations promote their extreme views as “fact based’’ or “common sense’’ to give themselves an aura of scientific approach, while providing subjective and ideological interpretation of data and omitting inconvenient information.”

Finally, the network makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. It goes out of its way to hide news of any migrants committing crimes once on Italian soil. It plays on human emotion by highlighting the dangerous passage across the Mediterranean Sea.  Migrants commit crimes at six times the rate of Italian citizens.

The Italy that we all know and love is hanging by a thread, facing a very real possibility of destruction. An international gangster is running rampant, funding the Open Society network that could very well take down Western civilization.

Source: ZeroHedge



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