Soros Extensive ‘Open Borders’ Network Exposed in Italy

Soros Extensive ‘Open Borders’ Network Exposed in Italy

As Italy struggles to deal with a veritable flood of migrants into its ports, it must face the fact that the migrant crisis has been manufactured by left-wing billionaire George Soros’s funding of a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that push open borders and media censorship.

Other European countries are dealing with burdens inflicted by Soros-linked NGOs, but one, Hungary has stood up to defy him and ban NGOs from operating there.

Like most leftist organizations, these NGOs adopt high-minded sounding names and manifestos to deflect scrutiny and criticism. The perversion of language is a known tool of those who scorn democratic processes and want to install totalitarian regimes.

The intricacy of the web of deceit created in Italy makes it difficult to identify and uproot those working against Italian sovereignty. On the next page, that web and Soros’s devious schemes are exposed. The extent of penetration into Italian society is truly disturbing.

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