Sheriff Calls Out Obama For Tying Border Patrol’s Hands

As you might have guessed, the only border security personnel Obama seems to care for are the ones who are not at all interested in securing the border. Under his leadership, we have seen pro-amnesty and pro-sanctuary city liberals like Gil Kerlikowski and Heather Fong be appointed to high-ranking positions in the country's security services:

“According to figures Babeu released Tuesday, traffic of illegal immigrants in the first four months of this fiscal year is up by 25 percent. He said there’s been a 102 percent increase in unaccompanied juveniles. Babeu said.

‘What we see from this administration is an actual reduction at a time we should be providing more support to secure our border,' Babeu said.

The sheriff then pointed to Border Patrol Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske and said agents ‘have a leader in Kerlikowske who says if they don’t agree with the Obama administration and this lawlessness that’s happening that they can go find another job.'

‘Well, I have a problem with that,' Babeu said.

Babeu said 1,500 Border Patrol agents that are mandated by Congress ‘that are not being hired and we see a submission of another 300 Border Patrol agents that are being cut.  That’s approaching almost 10 percent of our Border Patrol that is not being added to guard and defend America..'

The sheriff cited terrorist threats as a reason more Border Patrol agents are needed.

‘This is a likely avenue of approach for them to come into our unsecure border,' Babeu said. ‘We should be putting every resource to the border. And instead of threatening the very people who are charged with protecting our country, securing the border, they should be finding ways to further support them.'

Watch Sheriff Babeu's comments for yourself below:

Source: AZFamily, Truth And Action



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