Senator Paul Ready to Lead Democrats and RINOs to Block US-Saudi Arms Deal

Senator Paul Ready to Lead Democrats and RINOs to Block US-Saudi Arms Deal

Rand Paul, once declared in 2014 as the “most interesting man” in Republican politics and who was one of the first to drop out of the crowded Republican pool of candidates last year, never really made a dent in the electorate, polling in the single digits for the entire length of his candidacy. After the Iowa Caucus, where he pulled in less than a quarter of the votes that his father had amassed just four years earlier, it was time to hang up the Libertarian horse crop and settle in to a senator's seat for the rest of his career. In light of the burgeoning success of both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, it was the prudent move. Even the great Establishmentariat darling, Jeb Bush, was no match for the popularity prowess of Donald Trump.

Paul has been stinging ever since that day and his politics have taken on a decidedly quiet demeanor throughout this past crazy election cycle. In February of last year, Politico magazine summed up Paul's core issue with Rightwing voters:

Paul is one of the GOP’s leading non-interventionist voices. But with increasing instability in the Middle East, terror in Paris and an attack in San Bernardino, Paul’s risk-averse brand of foreign policy has fallen out of favor, as the Republican Party has returned to its roots as proponents of a more muscular and aggressive international posture.

It appears that nothing has changed in the global-political climate.  With the Manchester Arena attack in the U.K. just two days ago, as well as the promise by the masked cowards that this “is just the beginning,” Trump's administration and the U.S. intelligence community will be taxed to strike a middle ground between remaining hyper-vigilant without personal intrusion into everyday life.

The fact remains, however, that no matter how you slice it, the geopolitical realities of war and terror today trump many other concerns and an isolationist point of view seems less prudent than being involved in the direction of momentum against groups like, ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Al-Shabaab (to name the more prominent terror organzations).

That being said, it apparently has not stopped Senator Paul from mounting his white horse and riding to the forefront of an effort to put the kibosh on the U.S.-Saudi arms deal that was agreed to just two days ago during President Trump's visit to Riyadh.  Of course, Democrats are not only jumping on the bandwagon, they're bringing cognac and chips.

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