Scientific Study Solves Riddle of Why Flu Shots Don’t Work

In the wake of information published by Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University that proved a link between flu shots and a weakened immune system response, especially in women and children, the medical community indelibly linked to the US government and the CDC have gone into overdrive to ensure that the American people are sufficiently unable to see this information, preferring to begin parading willing Leftist celebrities before a movie camera to videotape them looking straight into the lens with a serious dead-eyed stare and warning you that flu season is here and that “you’d better go out and get your flu shot today…before it’s too late!”

There is the obligatory statistic-quoting of, “Are you aware that over 10,000 people die a year from the common flu?” and of course the accompanying scare-tactics of “OMG, we are ALMOST OUT OF VACCINATIONS!”  Many people, including myself, believe that these vaccinations are linked to autism and that the sharp rise in cases of these and other diseases are as a direct result of this practice of forced indoctrination of “reliable, credible science that proves the need for vaccinations.”

Scripps Research Institute, no slouch when it comes to medical investigation, has published a brand new study that insists that the current and long-used research and science behind the vaccination industry is severely flawed and possibly criminally corrupt!

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